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Why Choose DEK-KING Synthetic Teak Decking

Why Choose DEK-KING Synthetic Teak Decking

Many people get faced with this question when it's time to replace wood decking. This is when many start to consider composite decking material. One may be a bit flumoxed by the choice of composites out there.
There are many important factors which one has to consider before making the right choice. Price is very important and so is quality of the material, looks, guarantees offered and installation & maintenance.
Quality :
We at Teakforboats have on offer one of the Best Synthetic Teak Decking material on the market. Independent tests made by laboratories and magazines can confirm this. We can send you a copy of the tests performed and results achieved. We can also send you a copy of the test made by the Sail Magazine, USA edition of January 2011.
Looks: Our material looks and feels like real wood. Once you see and touch the material you will confirm that what we are claiming is true.
Installation & Maintenance:  Our synthetic decking does not require any pre drilling for screws as it is held in place with a special adhesive which can be used on Wood, Steel, Concrete and GRP. You do not have to worry about splinters when walking barefoot.  It's pretty easy to clean. Dirt is wahed pretty easily. You can even use a power washer. The material does not hold any moisture. The big selling point of our material is the maintenance cost over the life of the deck. You spend time enjoying your deck and not cleaning it. Not to mention that you will save money on special cleaning agents otherwise used on wood decking.
Pricing: Teakforboats is a small family run business with very small overheads. This allows us to offer one of the highest quality decking materials on the market at the lowest price on the market. Get a quotation from us and compare our quotation with other quotations for the same high quality material you got from other suppliers and you will immediately find out that we are between 25 to 35 percent cheaper in price for the same if not better decking material.
If you want a deck that delivers carefree enjoyment season after season—without the upkeep that wood decking requires and yet you want the natural appearance of real wood. With DEK-KING, you can have it all: a natural-looking composite decking in a variety of  finishes with the widest range of  colours and  profiles. Fortified with our secret recipie, Dek-King provides maximum protection against weathering.  Many customers enjoy using DEK-KING composite decking because our deck materials are easy to work with and simple to install.

Many people in the boat building industry have confidence whenusing DEK-KING because it’s the most reliable composite decking in the industry. Our existing customers enjoy the convenience of  our Dek-King shipping options which allows for direct shipment to a customers World-Wide.

When choosing DEK-KING, you can be certain they’ve chosen the best composite decking for long-lasting beauty and low-maintenance upkeep. Our Dek-King gives Boat owners and home owners added inspiration and a sense of pride for their one-of-a-kind boat decking and outdoor living area.

We know that our  products are made of top-quality materials and are built to last a lifetime. We are very confident that DEK-KING  is the best synthetic decking on the market. We are all very familiar with our products and we have the experience to help you with your project. If you have any questions - please feel free to contact us at your convenince.