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Testimonials from some of our customers.

The authenticity of these testimonials can be verified on request.

flexiteek Malta

Hello Jesmond.

The postman came to the door. LO and Behold; he had a parcel with the adhesive applicator from you!!! Thank you for such fast and  efficient service. It is really appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Seamus McAleese


Seamus McAleese - Ireland

Dear Jesmond,
Thank you very much for your services. We do greatly appreciate you working 24/7 and promptly answering any questions we had in the stage of offer inquiry and later when processing our order. The goods are of expected good quality and shipments arrived very quickly.

We can highly recommend your esteemed Company to everybody looking for good quality and prompt and excellent service.

Thank you
Josef Landowski
Altstatten – Switzerland

Josef Landowski - Switzerland
Dear Jesmond,
I wish to thank you for all of your help with every question that we had. Your help and service was very professional as well as helpful. Delivery to my front door was very convenient. The product is of great quality and i would recommend Teak to all who wish to improve their boat.  It really was a pleasure to have met you.
Kind regards as always
Jure and Anto Zegura
Jure Zegura - Croatia

Dear Jesmond,

I hope my testimonial, I hope it does you justice. Please feel free to use me as a referral.

Here is my testimonial for that guy in Malta by the name of Jesmond. Simply put, go ahead and enjoy doing business with him. I had talked to Jesmond on and off for several years before I was finally ready to get serious about synthetic teak. To be honest I had decided to order from one of his competitors in Florida for here in Texas, USA where my sailboat is located.
Boy am I happy that deal didn’t work out. The two products are similar, But Dek- King has nicer finish, and bit lighter in color, exactly what I really wanted and much cheaper, even with the delivery costs. For whatever reason, there were no custom duty fees, I think in part because I am a non-commercial end user. I thanked customs and left it at that. My installer will start on the decks sometime this week. I hope to be able to post some 1st class photos in the near future. Bottom line, Jesmond was trouble free to deal with, and a pleasure to boot.

Also, the testimonial from the fellow in Charleston USA, my sentiment too…
A well-earned two thumbs up.

Tony M.

PS, the pricing was cheap enough for me to order extra for my 10ft Trinka
dinghy dock, and dock step.

Houston Texas - USA

Tony Moussis - Houston Texas USA

Dear Jesmond,

Thank for your cooperation. I can recommend your helping readiness and your
obligingness. The handling and communication over the borders away are

Jesmond, herzlichen Dank für deine Kooperation. Ich empfehle gern deine
Hilfsbereitschaft und dein Entgegenkommen. Die Zusammenarbeit war sehr
einfach und unproblematisch – über die Grenzen hinaus. Sehr vorbildlich,
bleib so!

Kind Regards

Christian Sarnes


Christian Sarnes - Germany

Dear Jesmond, I want to thank you for your help to determine my needs and to say how much I appreciate your kind attitude which made all transactions easy and trouble free. The way of handling my enquiries and the service offered were excellent.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards, Yuksel Piyade


Yuksel Piyade - Turkey

Un excellent service, très fiable. Produit de très haute qualité, et Jesmond répond rapidement au courriel (Mail) et il connait très bien les produits qu’il vend et il reste disponible pour répondre aux questions.

The best in his field!

Best regards all,

Claude Paquette

Quebec, Canada

Claude Paquette - Quebec - Canada

Thank you for this morning's mail. Your service was very good. Your offer of advice in fitting is much appreciated and I will come back to you for advice as necessary. You are welcome to use my comments on your website and if any of your potential customers make contact with me, I will highly recommend you. Such good service is not a feature of doing business in the British Isles.

Again, many thanks,

Mark Hughes

United Kingdom

Mark Hughes - England

Dear Jesmond,

This morning at 11.00am local time your parcel arrived. It was in one piece and no damage done. The weather here has turned wet and cold so I may have to wait for some time before I fit the decking as the boat is outside. Thank you for your helpful and efficient service. I will try to send more business your way if that is possible. I may request some fitting instructions when I get to work on the project in Feb or March. Again many thanks for all your help. You have another satisfied customer.


Seamus McAleese


Seamus McAleese - Ireland

Dear Jesmond,
I have written you before and told you that if you ever needed a reference to please use me.

Here are some of the reasons I made that statement. I had done a lot of research before ordering my boat decking from you. I guess the first thing that caught my attention was the pricing. Even with import cost and duties, your prices were less than two thirds your competitors (even after their “OEM” discounts).

The product you represent is also top quality. I got samples from all the major manufactures, so I can speak with some knowledge about this. Not only that, but every question I asked you was answered immediately and it was accurate! Getting information from your competitors was like an waiting for an act of our congress, and believe me, with our current congress that is really saying something.

However, I must confess, that when the time came to make the wire transfer of what was and is to me a considerable amount of money, I was a little worried.

I had after all never actually met you, seen your business, and you were a long ways away. I don’t think I ever told you this, but I did contact Dek-King directly to be sure that they did in fact have a distributor in Malta named Jesmond

Oh, and by the way, they said they did and that they gave you a glowing recommendation. So, I (to use an old cowboy expression) bit the bullet. You gave me a ship time of approximately two weeks, which they beat. You had an importer contact me with all the relevant information and forms. It was a breeze.

I was given all the shipping information and the product arrived as projected. The only hold up was a brief one on our end because our custom inspectors selected my cargo-tainer for special x-raying.

The product arrived well packaged and with exactly what was ordered. The product was all first class and I am very happy with the installed product.

What is there not to like?

And something else, that counts for a great deal to me, in all out corresponding back and forth, I feel like I have gained a friend.

I hope things continue to work out for you. You are a hard working, conscientious, and honest guy, and that isn’t something you find every day.

Take care my friend,
Wade Barrineau

Charleston USA

Wade Barrineau - Charleston USA