teak decking for boats

Boat Decking


All our boat decking panels are  high quality products; a result of years of experience in boat carpentry and woodwork. Our suppliers constantly invest in product development and product improvement.  By visiting the DEK-KING Products Page you will notice that we have an extensive range of decking profile to suite every boat decking installation.

We test our profiles to ensure the meet our stringent quality standards and we never promote new products before they have been proven to take the toughest test by Mother Nature and of course the demand of all our valued customers.

Our prefabricated boat decking system was developed for production boat builders but it has also great advantages for private customers and professional installers. DEK-KING is a synthetic teak panel and it is made of composite materials. All our materials are 100% recyclable.

Boat Decking

In a recent boat show we attended we placed a real wood teak panel and a boat decking panel made out of our material. We challenged our visitors to select identify which panel was wood and which panel was made out of synthetic decking material. They were even allowed to touch the surface of both panels. Everyone agreed that the two panels looked and felt the same.

DEK-KING is sold in 10 metre lengths (rolls)  to boat manufacturers, boat yards or to the yacht owners.

We also offer the prefabrication service of the panels from a template which customer send us, but this depends on the load we have at the time of  your order or your location. If you are interested in the product but would like to do the templating and installation yourself, we would like to invite you to visit the Boat Decking installation page.

We take pride in knowing that we provide the all around highest quality product in the synthetic teak industry. We know that you have a choice when it comes to selecting a product for your boat, and being able to work with a product that was built by boat enthusiasts and experts alike, you’ll receive top-notch integrity and quality to our product.

  • Maintenance Free. No Curing, Sealing, or Oiling!

  • Non-Slip

  • Doesn’t Grey, Blemish, or Fade Over Time

  • Won’t Stain – A Quick Rinse and You’re Set!

  • 5 year Product Guarantee

  • Has Withstood the Wear and Tear of Cruise Boats in the Scorching Middle East for Eight Years with no Blemishes, Fading, or Bubbling.

  • Easy to Install – Do it Yourself, Pre-Fabricated Mats or Full Service Install!

As synthetic teak decking for boats is becoming more and more recognized throughout the boating community, it is important that we remain a cut above the rest. The Dek-King product is like no other. It gives a look and feel that simply cannot be duplicated.