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Flooring for Gardens, Terraces, Balconies, Decks & Patios

Atrificial Decking Dek-King-Garden-Flooring-Balcony-Patio

Do you want a terrace with the natural look of wood & the low maintenance of PVC?

Our flooring material can be used in outdoor living areas such as Balconies, Decks, Roof-top Patios or above grade concrete slabs. The material is fully adhered to the surface, to create a maintenance free and 100% waterproof, long lasting, and attractive walking surface. DEK-KING has a pattern and color to compliment any building’s exterior. At Teakforboats, we take pride in offering “The World’s nicest looking PVC Decking”.

Dek-King decking combines the benefits of wood with the unique properties of PVC. By combining the natural look of wood and the low maintenance of PVC into a single new base material, our outdoor flooring solutions meet all the comfort demands you can make of your patio planks. This eco decking will transform both the appearance and performance of your terrace.

What about safety?

Another trend is towards non slip flooring. Dek-King anti slip flooring is perfectly suitable for your pool terrace where it enhances the safety of the poolside environment. Thanks to its natural appearance, the terrace planks blend in perfectly with your garden. From garden path to pond edge, from patio to pool side.

The advantages of our artificial decking:

  • Low maintenance;
  • Non-slip, even when wet;
  • Water resistant;
  • Durable;
  • Shatterproof;
  • UV Protected
  • Easliy installed by DIY
  • Ecological (100% recyclable)

We welcome your inquiries.

If you are an Architect or Engineer or if you are a building owner, property manager, or home owner and have been looking for a product that actually works and lives up to all the “HYPE”, then look no further.

Our DEK-KING Decking system will be the answer both you and your customers have been looking for.

Simple to install and virtually manitenance free !