teak decking for boats

Boat Flooring alternative

Boat Flooring alternative

Teakforboats.com (Teak for boats) offers boat builders and restorers an alternative to traditional wooden decking synthetic teak deck has a textured non-slip surface that is very easy to maintain.

Dek-king decking profiles thickness measures just 5 mm (a bit over 3/16" thick), it is flexible enough to conform to surfaces that aren't flat. You install it by gluing it down to a clean surface with a one part adhesive.

One considerable advantage of laying a synthetic deck as compared to a natural wood deck is that you don't have to drill any holes for screws, thus you don't compromise the structural integrity of the underlying deck. And the installation is much easier than with real wood because synthetic decking can be cut easily with a sharp utility knife (we supply this tool as well), and most of the caulking required for teak decking is eliminated.

Synthetic teak decking  requires little maintenance—occasional washing keeps it in good shape. Pressure washing is feasible. For surface damage, the decking can be sanded, as both the color and the grain extend through the entire thickness.Though different brands of synthetic teak decking may look quite similar, there are some major differences in design and installation.

Dek-king Boat Flooring alternative uses basic building blocks that consist of individual sections measuring 5cm wide and come in 10 meter coils. These sections feature tongue-and-groove joints, with integrated caulking. The legnths can be laid straight, or can take a slight bend if required to conform to the deck's contours.

For applications where wide sections of straight planking are required, we also supply a wider, 3-plank section, (item number WDK108) which cuts down on installation time and effort. Unlike other materials, our decking can be installed but DIY and professionals alike as not special installation tools are required.

In a recent independent test done the the SAIL Magazine US Edition of January 2011 - DEK-KING received high marks from the entire SAIL staff. Their comments were the following

"Another strong candidate aesthetically, Dek-King provides an excellent combination of wood-like appearance and texture, without being in any way “hairy.” It received high marks from the entire SAIL staff, and includes unique T-shaped grooves on its bottom surface that, in theory, promote stronger adhesion"

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