teak decking for boats

DIY Boat Decking


DIY Boat Decking which requires no maintenance? Is this possible?

Yes, our DIY boat decking material makes this possible, thanks to a revolutionary process by which pvc is extruded and out comes a plank which looks and feels like real teak . Our manufacturers make sure to only use the best raw materials on the market. By using such raw materials, our material - DEK-KING - will continue to look great, year after year. It will take the harsh sun in countries like the Middle-East and the cold winters in North America an Canada.

You will find imitations of our material on the market, but we are convinced that our material has the best top and bottom designs. We are so sure that we have the best decking material, that we offer a full 5 Year factory warranty. Only this says a lot on our product.

What happens to our boat decking material if you spill Red Wine on it ? If you drop fish blood on it ? The answer is .... Nothing will happen to it. You just wash it with soap and water. No staining whatsoever will occur.

DIY Boat Decking

What if you scratch the material ? No much really .. as you can sand the material down with a piece of 60 grit sand paper and the scratch is sanded down. You will still have the graining left after you sand it down.

Installation can be done by DIY people ... Yes this is 100% true. No special welding tools are required to weld the boat decking planks together. We supply a special adhesive which melts the material and give a strong and solid bond. The adhesive we use can take up to 40psi of pressure - which is a lot !

The material has a tongue and groove design, similar to the parquet flooring found in many houses. We supply a large number of decking profiles which come in various lengths and widths. All this to make your installation easy and cost effective. Please visit our DIY Boat Decking Profiles here.

Cleaning the material is very simple. You either use a water hose or a bucket of water and soap.  Being a composite PVC material, DEK-KING is extremely durable and is also stain resistant. BBQ grease comes clean off and leaves no trace.  DEK-KING is UV resistant and the colour will not fade, unlike real teak decking which will go a dull pale gray in a few weeks.

Non-Skid properties - DEK-KING boat decking is also an incredibly non-skid material, even when your deck is wet.

No other material offers the advantages mentioned above... so what are you waiting for ?

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