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DEK-KING Imitation Teak Decking

DEK-KING Imitation Teak  Decking  .... is Cooler than Real Teak

It's official!  - Our new DEK-KING Imitation Teak decking is cooler than real teak.

In the past we have heard people in the boating industry that synthetic teak gets very hot. This is partially true. All materials which are left under the hot summer sun will become very hot. Laboratory tests show that synthetic teak gets 1 degree hotter than real wood teak. Our manufacturers have been working hard to try to make synthetic teak absorb less heat and they have finally succeeded. The new range of decking colours have undergone laboratory tests and in some instances not only are they cooler than natural teak but our entire range of boat decking products cool significantly faster than natural teak too - nearly 5 minutes faster in fact. This means that there is now a superb alternative to natural teak for those using their boats in warmer climates.

The results of the tests can be seen in the table below


Synthetic Teak Decking Hot

To ascertain the effect of simulated sunlight (including UV, visible and infra-red) on the surface temperature of a range of boat decking products and their subsequent cooling times, the thermal tests were carried out under laboratory conditions.  All test were carried out on a standard weathering cycle to ISO 4892 part 2 cycle 1. The black standard sensor was set to 65°C with an air temperature of 38°C.


DEK-KING EuroTeak-Cool is our newest addition to the Dek-King synthetic teak line. EuroTeak is proving to be very popular among the Mediterranean and has more recently found its way onto boats and watercraft in North America as well. The material is lighter colored than our traditional colored marine wood, and thus provides a cooler, more summertime approach to synthetic teak yacht decking. Cooler to the touch, EuroTeak is great for warmer climates where high UV exposure is common. EuroTeak is available with black and cream caulking as well.

Just like with the traditional marine wood, Euro Teak can be laid out and designed in many stylish ways as well. Perimeter margin boards can be used for a more streamlined look, or standard ‘one-direction’ caulking lines without margin boards.

Conclusion: Our New DEK-KING Imitation Teak  Decking is Cooler than Real Teak.