teak decking for boats

DEK-KING Material Patent Information

DEK-KING is manufactured under licence and covered by the following patents:

EU: EP 1 196 672
South Africa: 2001/10348
China: ZL00809373.3
USA: 6,895,881
Canada: 2,377,960
South Korea: 10-0765000
Australia: 769707

An announcement that following negotiations in regard to our DEK-KING range, an agreement has been reached with Flexiteek that ensures their patent remains upheld.

All doubt within the E.U. over the Flexiteek patent (EP 1196672) relating to PVC Decking and which products are protected by it has now been cleared. The patent is stronger than ever with the newly signed licensee agreement between Flexiteek International AS and Wilks Ltd. This will give, in addition to Flexiteek and their private brands, Wilks and their Dek-King brand product exclusive rights within the E.U.  (Europe) and nonexclusive rights globally to sell under the Flexiteek patent.

DEK-KING is a PVC Synthetic decking material is made under license, with respect to the Flexiteek patent, but has its own properties, design, look and feel.

In addition to boat manufacturers, DEK-KING is targeted to naval architects, designers and ship yards building and refitting super yachts. It is also used on balconies, outdoor pool areas, swim platforms, tender garages and decks. Ease of maintenance is achieved by power washing.

Some advantages of DEK-KING:

  • Enhances the looks & value of your boat
  • Ads to the safety of the deck
  • Looks and feels like teak
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduced noise levels
  • No screws - water tight
  • Easy to install with our tongue and Groove design

You will experience a safe and inviting deck without the extensive maintenance of teak. DEK-KING is also used as a refit, replacing worn or damaged teak decks or boat carpets.