teak decking for boats

Modern Boat Decking Material

Modern Boat Decking Material

Many advanced modern materials are being used on boats nowadays. From carbon fibre to Kevlar. Many boat manufacturers have now also started using a Synthetic alternative to wooden teak. Besides being cheaper and environmentally friendly, artificial decking is also almost maintenance free.



One of the leading brands for decking is DEK-KING, which is an excellent alternative to wooden decking that can be applied to almost any surface including GRP, steel,concrete and timber surfaces. The material has excellent non-slip qualities, even when wet. Dek-king is fully UV stabilised and since it is coloured throughout its thickness will retain its classic appearance for many, many years.

The boat teak flooring (Synthetic) is ideal for either DIY or boat builders. Dek-king is supplied in easy to manage 10m coils. No special tools are required to install the material.

The colour and graining are totally convincing. The end result will look like the traditional wood decking.

The installtion is quote staight forward as each profile comes with a tongue and groove system. All you require to join the two planks is a cold welding adhesive like for example Stelmax 1985 (which we will supply).

Unlike wood, Dek-king requires no oiling or sanding. All one needs to keep it look good is soap and water.

For further details please contact DEK-KING