teak decking for boats

Marine Teak Decking

Marine Teak Decking

Marine teak decking is mostly used for boat flooring. It will enhance the looks of any boat. For many years, natural wood teak has been used for this purpose. For the past years the synthetic alternative teak was introduced in the market, which is cheaper than real teak and is also easy to maintain.

Many boat owners opt for teak flooring additions in order to preserve a more appealing look and reduce certain hazards that are common on the waters, such as slippery surfaces.

The composite decking option for interior and exterior flooring options can be used on any boat type. From Pontoon Boats to Cabin Cruisers to Jet Skis - Steel boats, Aluminium boats, Fiber glass boats and even wooden boats. The composite teak offers several advantages to composite teak rather than the full-on real thing. Composite teak will last longer because it is composed of pvc. It has a greater aesthetic product life and durability. It is pre-manufactured so that it can be put together easily and it is virtually maintenance free. It provides aesthetics and safety appeal in being both non-slippery when dry or wet and resistant to staining. Composite teak provides an anti-fungal surface, which is ideal for marine decking for long-term upkeep. And it can be pressure washed, unlike some materials that have to be chemically treated or repaired because of pressure wash erosion. So one's experience on the water with family and friend can be even more relaxing with the floors taking care of themselves with the construction material.

When you are ready to go out on the water but your vessel needs new marine decking, consider the alternatives to the traditional options