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Advantages of Synthetic Wood Decking

Advantages of  Synthetic Wood Decking Material

There are many advantages of  synthetic wood  decking material. Below you will find a list with few of these advantages:

  • Ease of installation as we supply DIY material & all tools required to perform the installation yourself.
  • Our Boat Decking comes with tongue and groove system. The joint is designed for easy alignment which makes for easier application.
  • Ease of installation reduces greatly or even eliminates costly installation costs.
  • Material cost much less than real Teak wood.
  • The planking material we offer comes in 2.25 and 10 metre lengths
  • Our material comes with integral caulking. We offer strips with integrated Black or Cream Caulking
  • Colour retention is excellent - Does not fade and requires almost no maintenance
  • Our PVC decking has excellent non slip properties, even when wet.
  • You can sand the material using 40 / 60 or 80 grit sandpaper. For right wood look, you sand the material with 40 grit sandpaper.
  • You can repair minor scratches using a simple procedure.
  • No regular oiling or sanding is required. The composite teak will continue to look great year after year
  • The material is flexible and easy to bend by using a heat gun.
  • Many ready made profiles are available to suite any installation requirement
  • Improves sound proofing on your boat or Yacht
  • Easily cleaned with just Soap and Water
  • The surface has a grain to it that looks like wood
  • The Synthetic Teak Decking can be used on Boat, Yachts, Pontoons, Pool areas, Roof gardens or Balconies.
  • Some of our customers even used the material on Show cars & Trucks
  • Our material has been around for many years and has a proven track record.


Main advantages of synthetic wood decking over real wood are:

  • The cost and speed of installation.
  • Maintenance :- where you can just leave the decking alone and enjoy your boat, whereas wood teak one has to take extra care and regular maintenance and spills would prove problematic as wood stains easily.

Read more on DEK-KING Synthetic wood decking materials:

DEK-KING is made of specially formulated flexible PVC material. The recipe is of course a closely guarded secret. Our material is durable and contains non-migrating plasticizers, which means that it will keep its colour. The material and ingredients used on our extrusions offer the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that DEK-KING will look great for a very many years to come. Our DEK-KING has no wood or cork content which would deteriorate over time.

Dek-King® is an excellent PVC / composite decking alternative to the traditional wooden decking. Most of our prices are much Cheaper than many Boat Synthetic Teak Decking materials. We offer a quality product at a low price.

Our teak-effect synthetic wood decking will continue to look like newly installed teak decking year after after most teak decks have faded and split. Our synthetic teak is non porous which means that water, oil, and dirt does not penetrate the material.

One of the ingredients found in PVC is a special oil called “plasticizers.” On most PVC products these oils are usually free to move around within the plastic which often migrates to the surface and is washed away or it can also migrate to the bottom and compromise the adhesion to the surface, in our case, of your deck.

We took special care to make sure that this will nothappen with our product. Our manufacturing process our composite decking material ensures that the oil (plasticizers) will not migrate and will stay in place. Because of this special process you decking will not dry out or crack over time and the Dek-King will retain its superior adhesion - this also aided by our unique bottom 'T' shape design.